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Cirque du Soleil Internships

Cirque du Soleil InternshipsCirque du Soleil offers internships for college students and others interested in careers in the theater and entertainment industry. Internships are offered in the areas of marketing and sales, communications, corporate services, costumes and props, and show production and operation.

Corporate positions include IT, finance and accounting, legal, business, human resources and more. Students in marketing and sales will have an opportunity to use their skills in brand, Internet marketing, internal communications, and event management. Students interested in the costumes and props department will work with over 300 professionals in designing and producing show costumes, accessories, hats, wigs, shoes, lace and textiles.

National Park Service Internships

National Park Service Internships and Jobs
National Park Service Internships offer work experiences for students and others with an interest in natural resources. Applications are being accepted for Spring, Summer and Fall internships at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

The park is located at the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers in the states of West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia. It contains museums, exhibits and 4,000 acres of park. This provides many opportunities for students, history buffs, naturalists, teachers and others to find an internship that fits their interests.

FBI Internships

FBI Internships
Internships with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are for college students interested in a career in law enforcement and technology. Positions may be located at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. or in any one of several FBI field offices.

Currently, the FBI offers a Volunteer Internship Program which is an unpaid internship for undergraduate students, graduates or post-doctorate students. This internship is generally offered in the summer from June to August and gives students an opportunity to explore career options with the FBI. Interns will work with experienced FBI employees on cases and gain valuable insight into how the Bureau operates.

NFL Internships

NFL Internships and Jobs
NFL Internships offer college students a unique opportunity to work for a leading sports company. Internships are offered in several different disciplines and available during the Summer and the Fall.

The NFL Summer Internship Program is for students interested in or experienced in the areas of Communications & Public Affairs, Community Affairs, Consumer Products, Events, Finance & Accounting, Football Operations, Human Resources, Information Technology, Internal Audit, International, Labor & Legal, Marketing & Sales, and Media.

🌍 National Geographic Traveler 🗺 Internships

National Geographic Traveler Internships and Jobs
National Geographic Traveler Internships are available to undergraduate and graduate college students in the research, photo, online, and editorial marketing departments. Internships are offered during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Editorial research interns are involved in the production of the National Geographic magazine. Students majoring in Journalism, English, and Humanities may apply. The internship gives students experience working with editors, writers, photo editors, designers, and the digital team with opportunities for copywriting and proofreading. Editorial business interns will focus more on research, legal accuracy and copyright guidelines and is open to students majoring in Journalism, Communications, or Business.

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Internships


Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Internships are available for college students pursuing undergraduate associates or bachelors degrees. The internships are designed to give students work experience in public policy and the government.

Interns receive a stipend with their internship placement to offset personal expenses, and housing is provided. Three different internship programs are offered at different dates. They include CBCF Emerging Leaders Internship Program, CBCF Communications Internship Program and
CBCF Congressional Internship. Each one has different requirements for eligibility and stipends may vary with each.

AAA Internships

AAA Internships and Jobs
AAA Internships offer professional work experience for college students pursuing an Associates or Bachelors degree. Students attending college part-time and full-time are eligible to apply.

Students who are willing to devote 15-20 hours per week at a sponsoring AAA office are encouraged to apply. They must have a grade point average of 3.0 or above and excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. In addition, students should be strong leaders who enjoy working with teams.

Southwest Airlines NoLimits Internship

Southwest Airlines NoLimits Internship and Jobs
Southwest Airlines NoLimits Internship opportunities are available to full-time college students in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Eligible students get paid and also receive unlimited travel opportunities. Undergraduate students at the junior level, and graduate students, are eligible to apply.

There are internships available for just about any major field of study. Whether it's aerospace, engineering, business/accounting/finance, advertising/marketing/public relations, computer science and technology, math, science or any number of other fields of study, students will find an internship that's right for them.

Major League Soccer Internships

Major League Soccer Internships and Jobs
Major League Soccer Internships are offered to current college students as well as recent college graduates. Positions are available in a wide spectrum of disciplines that give students valuable experience off the field.

Positions are offered in the areas of marketing, communications, law, finance, human resources, technology, graphics and design, and much more. Each position has its own requirements for education and skill level. The length of internships also vary by position.

Pixar Studio Internships

Pixar Studio Internships and Jobs
Pixar Internships are available in a variety of disciplines for students currently in college or recent college graduates. They are offered in the Summer, Fall and Winter.

Internships are offered in Animation, Story, Art, Technical Direction, Production Management, Marketing, Engineering, Research, Media Systems, Finance, and Editorial. They last for 12 weeks up to 6 months and are paid positions. Between 15 - 80 interns are hired each session.

Viacom Internship Programs

Viacom Internship Programs are open to college students interested in careers in the media and entertainment industry. These paid internships are for college juniors and seniors, and in some cases, graduate students and law school students.

A wide variety of internship positions and locations are offered. A student who enjoys animation and cartoons might be interested in the Nickelodeon Animation Studio Internship Program in Burbank, California. The animation studio has positions in animation, media technology, planning, design, production, even human resources, legal and finance.

TV One Internship Program

TV One Internship Program offers internships to undergraduate college students in the Fall, Spring and Summer. The internships are for students interested in a career in the media industry.

Internships provide real, practical work experience for students in the fields in which they are studying. Whether it's marketing and sales, finance, legal, human resources, digital media, production or programming, students will find an internship opportunity that will enrich their learning and give them insight into their career options.

Sachs Media Group Internships

Sachs Media Group Internships
Sachs Media Group Internships offer college students hands-on work experience in public relations, web development, content creation, and social media. The internships are for students interested in working within a public relations environment.

No fetching coffee for this internship! Students get real experience writing news releases, organizing news conferences, writing scripts for television spots and creating stories for local and national media organizations. Students must have strong verbal and written communication skills in order to apply.

📽 BET Networks 📺 Internships

BET Networks Internships provides paid internships for both undergraduate and graduate college students at five different BETN locations. They are open to both undergraduate and graduate students interested in working in the media industry.

The internships will help students visualize what their careers will be like through actual work experience. During the Spring, Summer and Fall, students will find internships that match their skills and career interests. Each internship lasts about 10 weeks.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Internships

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Internships
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Internships are offered in the Summer, Fall and Spring for college undergraduates, graduate students and those who have recently graduated from college. The internships are for students interested in working within the public policy field.

Internships generally last an entire semester. Interns will perform a variety of functions that increases their knowledge and skill level in public policy-making. They may perform research, write memos, attend meetings on the Hill, and other duties that gives students experience in legislation and public policy. is product of StormFox Productions LLC