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National Geographic Traveler Internships and Jobs
National Geographic Traveler Internships are available to undergraduate and graduate college students in the research, photo, online, and editorial marketing departments. Internships are offered during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Editorial research interns are involved in the production of the National Geographic magazine. Students majoring in Journalism, English, and Humanities may apply. The internship gives students experience working with editors, writers, photo editors, designers, and the digital team with opportunities for copywriting and proofreading. Editorial business interns will focus more on research, legal accuracy and copyright guidelines and is open to students majoring in Journalism, Communications, or Business.

Web/E-Publishing interns must have strong technical skills and a knowledge of XML, HTML, and InCopy or InDesign. This internship focuses on digital media and its role in the production of an interactive edition of National Geographic magazine.

What's the difference between internships and externships?

The internships are sponsored by National Geographic Traveler, the world's most widely read travel magazine. The magazine is well known for its articles covering geographic locations around the world, national parks, cultures, and outstanding photography.

The location is usually in DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.

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