NFL Internships

NFL Internships and Jobs
NFL Internships offer college students a unique opportunity to work for a leading sports company. Internships are offered in several different disciplines and available during the Summer and the Fall.

The NFL Summer Internship Program is for students interested in or experienced in the areas of Communications & Public Affairs, Community Affairs, Consumer Products, Events, Finance & Accounting, Football Operations, Human Resources, Information Technology, Internal Audit, International, Labor & Legal, Marketing & Sales, and Media.

The NFL FILMS Internship Program is offered in the Summer and Fall for students pursuing a career in Audio, Cinematography, Graphics, International, Music Composition, Producers, Project Management, and Studio.

In addition, the NFL has a program called the Junior Rotational Program that rotates students so they can experience several different areas of the NFL. They will work in a single department for 6-12 months, then rotate to a different department to gain more knowledge and work experience. Assignments are available in the following departments: Communications & Public Affairs, Events, Finance, Football Operations & Officiating, International, Marketing & Sales, and Media. The application deadline for this internship is September 30.

NFL interns will not only work for a prestigious sports company but also gain much inside knowledge of the business side of the NFL. Whether a student's concentration is finance or marketing, technology or human resources, they will find an exciting internship that fits their interests and career goals.

What's the difference between internships and externships?

The location VARIES.

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