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Top Minority Internships

Top Minority Internships for High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate Students

Minority internships are designed to provide the perfect opportunity for minority students to gain real world job experience and begin their journey towards their career. It is to the advantage of interns to make the best of their internship as well as apply for as many internships as possible every year.

In the end, statistics show that after graduation, students with an established internship record are more likely to officially enter their career with higher salaries and are more prepared to be successful in their employment than students who choose not to intern at all.

Below is a list of the top 2014, recently updated for 2016, minority internships:

#1 - The Diversity Internship available at The Strong was created to provide meaningful work experiences for students from diverse backgrounds, especially those who may be interested in a career in the museum profession. The Strong does not place any restrictions on what constitutes diversity. However, preference will be given to those candidates who best identify how they will add to the diversity of The Strong and the museum field generally. Learn more at

#2 - The Year Up IT Internship Program is an intensive training program that helps urban young adults increase their technical skills and prepare for a career in information technology. Learn more at

#3 - The Explore Microsoft Internship Program is for current college undergraduate minority students pursuing a degree in computer science or software engineering. Learn more at

#4 - The White House Initiative’s Year-round Internship Program offers an exciting experience for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in improving education outcomes for African Americans. Learn more at

#5 - The Multicultural Advertising Intern Program is a paid, full-time summer internship for college students pursuing a career in advertising. Learn more at

#6 - The NCAA Ethnic Minority and Women's Internship offers an opportunity for a minority, female college student to be chosen for a unique two-year internship program. Learn more at

#7 - The Upscale Magazine Internship is an unpaid internship for college credit for a college student with interest in website and print design. Learn more at

#8 - The Source Magazine Internship offers internships for many different skills, including writers, photographers, videographers, stylists, make-up artists, photo editors, sales and advertising. Learn more at

#9 - The Black Enterprise Internships are designed to provide real-life work experiences for college students interested in a career in the media industry. Learn more at

#10 - The Essence Communications Internship Program is open to undergraduate, graduate students, or recent college graduates interested in a career in the media industry. Learn more at

#11 - The BET Networks Internships provides paid internships for both undergraduate and graduate college students at five different BETN locations. Learn more at

#12 - The TV One Internship Program offers internships to undergraduate college students in the Fall, Spring and Summer. Learn more at

#13 - The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Internships are available for college students pursuing undergraduate associates or bachelors degrees. Learn more at

#14 - The Sister 2 Sister Magazine offers two types of internships to college students in the Fall, Spring and Summer. Learn more at

#15 - The James E. Webb Internship Program for Minority Undergraduate Juniors, Seniors and Graduate Students in Business and Public Administration is designed to help minority students who are attending college and interested in a career in business or public administration. Learn more at

#16 - The Smithsonian Minority Awards Program is for minority students interested in an internship at The Smithsonian. Learn more at

#17 - The Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) Intern Program is open to minority college students interested in a career in aviation. Learn more at

#18 - The William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fellowship is open to minority undergraduate or graduate students. Learn more at

#19 - The Minority Access Internship Program offers spring, summer and fall internships for college sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduates and professionals. Learn more at

#20 - The National Urban League Summer Internship Program is for students interested in a career in the non-profit industry. Learn more at

#21 - The UNCF/NAACP Gateway to Leadership Internship Program is a 10-week paid summer internship for undergraduate students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Learn more at

#22 - The NASCAR Diversity Internship Program is a 10-week, full-time, paid summer work opportunity for deserving students with an interest in the NASCAR industry, who are of Alaskan Native, American Indian, Asian/Pacific Islander, African American, Hispanic, or of other racial minority descent. Learn more at

#23 - The AAAS Minority Science Writers Internship is a summer program for minority students interested in a career in journalism. Learn more at



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