Interns - 5 Tips to Expand Your Horizons

No one expects you to know everything on the first day of your internship. Projects and tasks are bound to arise requiring skills you may not be comfortable or have a lot of experience with. Don't worry; it happens to everyone. It may be something technical or it could be a workplace skill that uncovers an area of weakness for you. This is the perfect time to identify those areas of weakness and take the necessary steps to strengthen them. Taking a positive attitude will help you increase your skill level and at the same time show others how affective you are at problem solving. Remember, the employer hired you because you are qualified. Being willing to learn and expand your horizons will reinforce to your employer that they made the right decision. Here are 5 tips to do just so:

1. If there is a software program you are unfamiliar with, download a free trial at home. Find free tutorials and user guides, and spend at least an hour every night learning. If you can afford it, buy it.

Interns - Expand Your Horizons

2. If you are not comfortable with Microsoft Office or any other Microsoft product that are being used, in addition to step 1, visit these tools and . Microsoft is standard in many environments. It will serve you well to become proficient with their products.

3. If you can't type without looking at the keyboard, invest in a typing application like Mavis Beacon, or take typing at a local community college, and learn to type.

4. Spend one hour a night doing something to help you enhance your current internship experience. Review each day to determine what you can do to make the internship even better.

5. Learn to be a team player. Everyone brings skills and experience to the table. Listen and learn from others. Don't be the quarterback who scores the touchdown and takes all the credit. Your future job will require teamwork. Build on this skill now.

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