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Below are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about internships from many students, parents, and teachers:

What Is a...

Co-op Program: a partnership between a college and a company in which a student takes classes and is paid to work off-campus for that company, doing something related to the classes being taken.

Criteria: standards, measures, or expectations of a student to qualify for an internship.

Dissertation: a research paper or other documentation that presents the student's research and findings in writing. At the end of many internship programs, students are required to write dissertations.

Fall Internship: an internship that typically takes place between the months of September and November

Fellow: a student who is the recipient of a fellowship award.

Fellowship: a study grant of financial aid, usually awarded to a graduate student. Many internships offer their interns a fellowship award.

GPA: an acronym for Grade Point Average; a measure of a student's academic achievement in most high schools, colleges, and universities

Graduate Student: a college student that has received his/her Bachelor's degree and is seeking to earn a Masters or Doctorate degree.

Grant: monetary aid provided by an organization, corporation or government agency that's typically designed for a student to conduct research at school, but sometimes can pay for a student's tuition and books.

Grantor: an organization, corporation or government agency that grants money to students or colleges.

Intern: a student who accepts an internship

Internship: a temporary job (paid or non-paid) for students that allows them to gain experience and learn new skills. Many times, the internship can lead to a full-time job.

Major: the area of focus for a student who is attending college. Various majors include: Business, Psychology, Engineering, etc.

Mentee: a student who is under the guidance of a more experienced professional. A mentee can often be referred to as an intern.

Mentor: a professional who is training and guiding a student who desires to build his/her career. Many internships are designed for the student to have one or more mentors.

Minor: the secondary area of focus for a student who is attending college.

Minority: a student who is African American, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, or who belongs to any other ethnic group. Sometimes, women of all ethnicities are considered to be minorities as well.

Non-Paid Internship: an internship whereas the student is not compensated

Paid Internship: an internship whereas the student is paid a salary for their work. Paid internships can offer hourly compensation or weekly stipends.

Resumé: a one or two page document that contains a brief summary of a student's relevant job experience, education, skills, references and more.

Scholar: a student who is a recipient of a scholarship award

Scholarship: money awarded to a student to pay for college tuition and/or books. Scholarship awards are usually given to winners of a competition, such as am essay competition. However, sometimes they are given to students who maintain a high GPA or complete an internship program.

Stipend: a sum of money allotted to a student who is participating in an internship program. Stipends are usually paid on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Spring Internship: an internship that typically takes place between the months of March and May.

Summer Internship: an internship that typically takes place between the months of June and August.

Term Paper: a long research paper written by a student over a term or semester. Term papers usually account for a large part of a student's grade, and are sometimes requested when apply for an internship.

Thesis: an unproved statement that student will try to prove through extensive research during an internship.

Tuition: the fee that students have to pay to attend college.

Undergraduate Student: a student that is attending a college or university in order to earn his or her Associates or Bachelors degree.

Winter Internship: an internship that typically takes place between the months of December and February.

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