3 Tips to Remember While Interacting with Other Interns

During your internship, one of your goals should be to stand out among all the other interns. This requires maturity, dedication and a good game plan. If you think of your internship as a real job with all the responsibilities associated with it, you are already on your way to a successful internship experience. This means taking a true interest in the goals of the company and applying your knowledge and skills. Employers also want an intern who can work independently, one they can trust and not have to supervise every minute. Exceptional interns will take advantage of opportunities to learn, establish a good rapport with management, complete projects with minimal direction but also keep others informed of your progress, be responsible and dependable, and be willing to go beyond what is expected. Meanwhile, keep these 3 things in mind while interacting with other interns:

8 Tips to remember while interacting with other interns
  1. Minimize social time with other interns during work hours. This includes personal e-mails and instant chats to each other. Treat your internship with the same sense of responsibility you would a full-time job.
  2. If your program includes intern activities, attend them all. Networking with other interns is a great way to learn more about other departments and what other interns are working on. It will give you a wider perspective on the company.
  3. Let your mentor know when you will be out attending an event. Mentors want you to be able to work independently, but it is equally important to keep them apprised of your activities.
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