5 Pre-Internship Tips

The 2014 summer internship season is around the corner. Below are some tips to keep in mind whether you have found an internship or are still looking:

  1. Increase your odds of being accepted by applying for as many internships as you can.
  2. Some Fall 2014 internship programs are also accepting applications. Apply now and continue interning after your summer internship has ended.
  3. When applying for an internship, complete your entire application. If you are unsure about anything, contact the program.
  4. Research your internship's company. Spend a few hours on their website and then a few hours on the web researching the weekend before the internship starts. Be prepared to answer (or ask) any questions about the company during your first couple of weeks.
  5. Find out who owns the company and the names of the executives and other key members of management. Most companies list this information on their website. Remember their faces, names, and key points in their bio. If your paths cross during your internship, you will make a positive impression by taking the initiative to introduce yourself rather than waiting for an introduction.

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