5 Post Internship Tips

Once your internship has ended, it is important to keep the momentum going. Internships often present an opportunity to join a company full-time after graduation, so make sure they remember you. Throughout your internship, make sure your work does not go unnoticed. When the internship is over, another opportunity presents itself to review what you have leaned and accomplished during your internship and share this with your mentor. Pay attention to even small accomplishments that made a big difference to others; many times these are the types of accomplishments people remember most. Taking the time to review your experience will not only show your employer that you care but that you value the experience. They are more likely to remember you than an intern who did not take the extra time to follow up after the internship was over. Here are some more tips:

  1. Stay in touch with your mentor. Contact them every six months and ask how they are doing. Keep it friendly and light. The goal is to make sure they remember you.
  2. When the internship ends, keep as many of your newly acquired skills up-to-date if you can. If you learned how to use Outlook for the first time in your internship, invest in a copy at home and use it to manage all your e-mails.

    5 Post Internship Tips

  3. Write thank you notes to your mentor, as well as other managers and employees who helped you throughout your internship.
  4. Add your internship experience to your resume.
  5. Make a list of projects and tasks you did well, and those that identified areas of weakness. Keep that list handy so you can always be working on the areas that need improvement.

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