11 Tips to Remember for Internship Etiquette

More and more companies are hiring summer interns. In fact, more than half of all companies are hiring more interns this year than they did last year. For interns, this means more competition in not only landing an internship but making a good impression on the employer during the internship. This is extremely important because about 60 percent of interns get hired full-time. Even if the internship company doesn't hire you, they will likely know other companies in the same industry. How well you perform on your first internship will dictate how positive the company will recommend hiring you. Here are some tips on how to make a lasting good impression from the very first day:

  1. Good manners are always appropriate and appreciated by others. Yes sir, no ma'am, thank you, please, etc. can go a long way towards making others comfortable and willing to work with you.
  2. Don't gossip, even if it's the norm with everyone else.
  3. Stay organized. Use to-do lists or tasks to map your day.
  4. Be punctual. Arrive early and don't abuse the time limit on lunch breaks. Ever.
  5. Never use the Internet for anything personal during company hours. E-mail, social networks, and streaming music can wait until you get home.
  6. Avoid using your personal phone/tablet for anything personal as well. If it's not an emergency, wait until your lunch break or after work.

    11 Tips to remember for Internship etiquette

  7. Be professional at all times, even if others are not.
  8. Don't become over-confident; it can be interpreted as arrogance. Humility can go a long way. You don't know it all, and even if you think you do, always show that you are willing to listen and learn from others.
  9. Keep your private life private.
  10. Save the drama for your mamma--always keep your emotions in check. Emotions can interfere with good decision-making and productivity and make other people not as willing to work with you.
  11. Always be honest and truthful, to yourself and to others. False statements and cover-ups are always found out and others will no longer trust you.
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