Guaranteed Summer Internship Master Class

Do you want a guaranteed summer internship*?

*Please note that many of the principles covered in my master class can also be applied to finding a new job.

If your answer is YES, then listen to my Guaranteed Summer Internship Master Class and apply everything you learn in the class.

How do I enroll?
1. Call us and listen to my 14-minute audio recorded master class. The class is available 24 hours a week,  7 days a week, every day of the year.
2. Immediately start applying everything you learn in my class.

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Who is the instructor?
Me, Mr. Vin Lee, owner & founder of and

Why should I take this class?
Take a minute to review the internship statistics below. Really take your time. Do you want to take the chance of being the non-intern in blue or the guarantee to be the intern in orange?

You want a summer internship and this is the what to do class on how to get that summer internship. I share lessons I’ve learned over the past 23 years of combined experience as a 4-time NASA apprentice/intern, a job interviewer, a resume reviewer, a resume advisor, a 4-time intern sponsor/host/mentor, a small business consultant, and my overall experience overseeing all operations within and and two other small IT businesses.  It is these life lessons, some you heard of before, some you haven't, that I believe if you apply them all, you will get an internship offer. I am extremely confident in the value of the lessons learned in this course because they have given me the experience that has made me the success I am today. Think of it this way, I was once you, 23 years ago, looking for an internship. 

Still can't decide??? Then listen to this FREE excerpt below from my class and decide for yourself.

Is there a syllabus?
Part I - Tips on how to increase success while searching for an internship.
Learn how to enhance your search and narrow your results down to internships that matter to you.

Part II - The secret on how to get far in the application process. 
Learn what it takes to get your application in the top 5%.

Part III - How to close the deal with the perfect interview. 
Walk into the interview with my map, walk out with an internship.
What should I know before the class?
1. Like any class, it will be to your advantage to take notes or record the class.
2. If you are on your cell phone, please make sure you have a good signal.
3. Minimize any potential distractions.
4. Try not to press any keys on your phone dial pad once the recording gets started.
5. You have to be 18 years or older to take this class.

How much does the master class cost?
REGULAR: $19.99 SALE: $1.99

Why should I pay for this class?
Easy; you want to INVEST IN YOURSELF and you want to guarantee that you won’t be waiting tables next summer because you will be jump-starting your real career working at your internship.

Why is this an audio recorded class?
I originally created a video class but when I tried to upload the video to different sites I didn't like their terms in the fine print. Depending on the company, I'd lose some control and rights. An audio class gives me full flexibility and freedom to do what I want. Also, this master class is a short and better fit for audio rather than a video like other, much longer master classes. Last, as far as I know, this is the world's first telephone master class and I really like the sound of that!

Do you know anyone that needs help with finding a job?  If yes, please send them the link to this class.

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