Healthcare Games Showdown Internship

Do you have a passion for game development? Could you create digital games for healthcare? Here's an opportunity for college students with a passion and skill for developing games to become a Digital Healthcare Warrior, earn a paid part-time internship, and receive an opportunity to land an ongoing full- or part-time job! Apply now for the Healthcare Games Showdown Internship.

Healthcare-Games-Showdown-InternshipThe Healthcare Games Showdown is hosted by world-renown Texas Medical Center’s TMC Innovation Institute. Each team will create a compelling video game that will engage patients. Teams have four weeks to complete their games through a paid, part-time internship. Teams will then present their work to potential employers. Winners will earn an on-going part or full-time job.

The categories for game creation include Medical Education & Training, Rehabilitation, Cognitive & Emotional, Participatory Health, Operations & Patient Records, and Exergaming & Fitness. Teams can consist of up to 8 persons.

TMC Innovation Institute develops programs that provide startup companies with shared workspace, a curriculum tailored to the needs of health care entrepreneurs and the guidance of more than 200 advisors.

The showdown starts July 1 through July 26, 2019, five days a week, three hours a day, and is a live-streaming event.  You must apply soon! The competition is limited to just 48 students.

Deadline is February 28, 2019.

The location is HOUSTON, TEXAS.


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