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Side Hustle: Bird (Electric Scooter) Charger

By Joyce Huber

Internships are a great way to gain experience and earn money for college. But don't forget about all the opportunities out there to create your own side hustle. Here's one to consider: Become a Bird Electric Scooter Charger.

The future of transportation is changing. There are electric cars and electric bikes, and now Bird electric scooters are popping up across the nation. Not only are Bird electric scooters helping to change the future of environmentally friendly transportation but it is also creating a great business opportunity for driven individuals to become Bird Chargers.

Here's how it works 

It's as easy as charging your Smartphone. And it's easy to become a Charger. Just sign up online, go out into the community and pick up Birds that need charging, and get paid automatically for the charges you did the night before. This is something you can do on your own schedule and earn as much or as little as you want.

What are Birds? 

Birds are a new electric scooter service that first launched in Santa Monica, CA. The company was founded by Travis VanderZanden who was VP of Global Driver Growth at Uber and COO at Lyft before starting Bird. Anyone (see requirements below) can rent a bird scooter for $1 plus $0.15/min and travel around town, campus or anywhere. Currently, the electric scooters are available in many cities across California, and also in Texas and Washington D.C. The idea is catching on quickly and is expected to grow fast, expanding transportation and business opportunities in other locations across the nation.

How do you become a Bird Charger?

First, rent a Bird at a location near you. Your first ride is free. Then click the button in the app that says ‘Become a Charger.’ This will explain the procedure for signing up to earn money as a Bird Charger. By joining an on-demand personal electric vehicle sharing network, you can create your own side hustle and gain experience as a business owner, not to mention earning money for college. With this type of side business, you can work your hours to fit into classes.

What are the requirements to become a Bird Charger? 

  • You must be 18 years or older 
  • You must have a car 
  • You must charge at least 3 birds at a time 
  • You must live in/near a service area where Bird operates 
Bird is growing quickly and workers are in high demand with earnings as much as $20-$30 per hour. Check out this opportunity now!

Advantages of a side business

It's not unusual anymore for students to start their own businesses, and many are doing this while they are still in college. More companies are outsourcing work like website development, content writing, and graphic design. If you have strong skill sets in an area that is in demand by many businesses, why not consider doing this work on the side? It would take some hustle and good planning, but the extra money would go a long way in helping to pay off student loans. Who knows; it could also turn into a business of your very own

For more information on how to locate, capture, charge and release birds, read the blog posted on 

Sign up to become a Bird Charger by downloading the Bird app to create your own account at    


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