3 Reasons Why You Should Start Applying for Summer Internships Right Now

Most people wait until after the holidays to apply for summer internships. Although summer may seem a long way off, it is just around the corner when it comes to applying for an internship. Waiting until after the holidays could mean missing an internship opportunity. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider applying now.


1. Many internships will expire during the holiday season

Although internships are offered during the spring, summer, fall and winter, most students prefer summer internships because they are not in school and can focus on their job. However, this also makes summer internships more competitive, which means many summer internships have application deadlines that end during the holiday season. Some close even as early as late fall. The more competitive the internship, the sooner applications need to be submitted.

In addition, paid internships and internships with larger companies will have an earlier application deadline than internships for credit and internships with smaller companies. The earlier deadlines are all for good reasons. It gives employers sufficient time to review applications and select candidates for interviews in order to have their internships filled for the summer.

2. Some of the best internships are available now

Fall is a good starting point to target in order to apply in time for some of the best internships. For example:
  • Applications for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) summer internship program is Oct. 15.
  • The State Department summer internship deadline is Nov. 1.
  • The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Dallas Morning News all have fall application dates.

Many, although not all, Fortune 500 companies and other large corporations with very popular internship programs have application deadlines as early as September - November for a summer internship. The bottom line is, don't wait until the holidays are over. If you're looking for some of the best internships offered, now is the time to apply.

3. You might actually get the internship of your dreams now since few are applying

With this said, it might be safe to say that not many students are aware of such early deadlines when applying for summer internships. Further, not many students are thinking about summer internships during the holidays; most will begin to plan after the holidays are over. But they might miss out on the internship of their dreams.

According to Business Insider, the 10 highest-paying summer internships are:
  1. Facebook - monthly pay $8,000. Deadline to apply is Sept/Oct
  2. Microsoft - monthly pay $7,100. Deadline to apply is Fall
  3. ExxonMobil - monthly pay $6,507. Deadline to apply is August - November
  4. Salesforce - monthly pay $6,450. Applications begin in October
  5. Amazon - monthly pay is $6,400. No specific information on application deadlines, but the company receives thousands of applications, so the sooner the better for a summer internship.
  6. Apple - $6,400 per month. Begins posting summer internship jobs as early as May prior year.
  7. Bloomberg - $6,400 per month. Summer internship job postings start as early as July prior year.
  8. Yelp - Yelp hires about 150 interns each year. Pay is $6,400. Applications are now open.
  9. Yahoo - monthly pay is $6,080. Application deadline is August.
  10. VMWare - monthly pay is $6,080. Get application in before end of year or sooner as applications are reviewed in February for hiring interns.
A good rule of thumb is to apply 3-4 months prior to the start of the internship. But make sure you check deadlines for selected internships. In the case of the above top 10 highest paying internships, applications can begin in the Fall.

"Typical" internship season start dates are:

Fall internships - typically start in September
Winter internships - typically start in November or December
Spring internships - typically start in January or February
Summer internships - typically start in May or June

So, if you are looking at a summer internship, you'll want to get your application in now -- the sooner the better. Why? Some internships will cut off applications when the company has reached their limit, which means you could lose out if you wait. Don't wait until the holidays are over. Start applying now!

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