Graduated With No Job? Not After You Read This.

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Top 5 Back To College Must-Haves

By Vin Lee

If you are just starting college, returning to college after break, or  just looking for some tips on how to make college life easier, then you will find our list of top 5 college must-haves the best thing since late night wings and pizza!*

1. 'LectroFan ® micro
Let's face it, silence is golden, especially when you are trying to sleep or study. However, inconsiderate roommates or a noisy dorm can have you looking for off-campus housing sooner rather than later. That's why you need the 'LectroFan micro. It's an award winning natural noisemaker with a wide variety of sounds that can turn tune out all the unnecessary noise so that you can study undistracted, or sleep in peace. I own 3 and trust me, they work. It also doubles as a bluetooth speaker  for your mobile device.

2. bluapple
So your parents want you to eat more fresh fruits and veggies but days after you visit the grocery store you find your produce succumbing to ripening quicker than you could eat it all. Welcome to the bluapple! For just $10 your produce will last at least 1-2 weeks longer than usual, guaranteed. At least! If you didn't catch that last statement, I'll say it again, GUARANTEED. I've been using blueapple for at least 4 years and believe me when I say I have not had a brown grape since.

3. InstaCrate ™

Odds are you will be doing a lot of packing, unpacking, and moving into college. REPEAT. That's why you need to buy at least 10 of these crates. They are super sturdy and will last as long at least until you graduate and get your own place. They stack easy and can even be used as storage or even to carry groceries. My favorite part, if you are not using them, they collapse within seconds and can stack or slide almost anywhere. I have 20 and use them for everything. Ask your parents to use their Costco card and get you some today.

4. Poo~Pourri ®
Simply put, when you gotta go, you gotta go; but what happens when you dont' want anyone else to know that you went? Buy yourself a bottle of Poo~Pourri.  I could try to take the time to try to convince you on why you have to have this, but instead, watch the video below and decide for yourself.

If not anything else, you will be entertained for 2 minutes. I've had a bottle in the bathroom way before they even had a YouTube channel.

5. ilumi ®

2 words: Red light. If you and your dorm buddy have internal clocks that just don't line up, then you need this light. Yes it's bluetooth and it comes with a free app that opens up the light to tons of cool features. Now let's get back to the red light. It's late, you've crammed hard for your exam, but then your mate comes in an hour after you've fallen asleep, which is 3 hours before the exam you just crammed for, and turns on the lights. What can you do? Set your ilumi light to the dark red color setting of 1%, which is just enough darkness to keep you sleep yet just enough light to help your roommate stumble their way to the bed. Add the 'LectroFan and switch to the white noise setting for the ultimate sleep-proof protection.

*This is not a paid advertisement. Please note that we have no affiliation with any of the companies that manufacture or sell these products. I used them, I love them, and I'm simply recommending them.


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Graduated With No Job? Not After You Read This.

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