IBM College Graduate Entry Level Jobs

IBM College Graduate Entry Level Jobs offer new college grads an opportunity to work for the largest employer in the world. Many career paths are offered in diverse areas where new employees can make an impact in the IT industry.

Entry-level positions are offered in areas that include designing, implementing and testing software products, consulting with Fortune 1000 clients, client relationship, marketing, human resources, finance and other creative and innovative positions. IBM encourages work/life balance, making it possible for employees to integrate work with personal life.

Employees will work with teams from all over the world, working on different projects, knowing their work will make a difference in people's lives. They will also have opportunities to build their careers and develop their skills in a globally collaborative and diverse environment.

IBM, founded in 1911, is a multinational technology company headquartered in Armonk, New York, with operations in over 170 countries. The company manufactures and markets computer hardware and software, and offers hosting and consulting services. IBM is also the inventor of automated teller machine (ATM), the PC, the floppy disk, the hard disk drive, the magnetic stripe card, SQL programming language, and the UPC barcode.

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