The Victor S. Navasky Internship Program

The Victor S. Navasky Internship Program is open to college students pursuing careers in journalism and publishing. Editorial, paid internships are offered during the summer/fall, and winter/spring semesters. Internships are at The Nation offices in New York.

Summer internships run from the end of June to the middle of December each year. Interns work full-time, 5 days a week and are paid. Work responsibilities for interns include fact-checking, research, and web production. Internships are either with The Nation magazine, America's oldest continuously published weekly magazine, or with the Nation Institute's Investigative Fund, assisting in the creation and distribution of investigative pieces that appear in various media outlets.

To apply for a summer internship, or other internships, candidates must complete an online application. Also required are a cover letter explaining why they want to work for The Nation, a resume, two letters of recommendation, and the completion of 7 application questions.

The Nation Institute is a nonprofit media center dedicated to strengthening the independent press and advancing social justice and civil rights. The institute is supported by the generous donations of individuals and institutions committed to a free and independent press, civil liberties and social justice.

The location is usually in NEW YORK.


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