Seattle City Light Internship Program

Seattle City Light Internship Program is available to students currently enrolled in a post-secondary educational program leading to an undergraduate or graduate degree; candidates must be in good standing at their college or university.

Preferred candidates are those who are considering a profession related to some aspect of the City of Seattle's business objectives. Summer internships are full time positions. Some summer internships also offer pay; this will be indicated in the job description. Students who work full-time during the summer do not have to be enrolled in classes; however they must be returning to school and pre-registered for the fall term.

Internships are also offered in the Spring, Fall and Winter. Most internships are scheduled for part-time work during the school year and full-time in the summer. If pay is included, the amount is based on the academic level of the student. The purpose of the internship program is to provide students with meaningful and educational work experience to enrich their academic programs and help them prepare for future careers.

Internships are offered through the city of Seattle. Seattle is ranked among the top 18 internship sites in the region by NerdScholar, an online resource where students may compare schools and search for scholarships.

The location is usually in WASHINGTON.

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