'Find $100.00 And It's Yours' Contest

Ever wish you just found $100.00? Well on February 29th @ 5PM we will 'loose' $100 somewhere on our website, and if you are the first to find it and submit a qualified submission, it’s yours to keep.

It’s just that simple.

How to play:

1. @ 5:01PM EST on Monday, February 29th, go to

2. Click on as many  web pages as you can on, carefully looking for a green $100.00 bill/image, that looks like the image below, BUT the winning image is green/black/white, NOT orange/black/white.
SAMPLE ONLY - The actual winning image is green/black/white
3. If you find it, immediately send an e-mail* to with the URL (e.g. of the page where you find the $100.00 bill/image, alongside your first name, last name, and the USA** city and state where you currenlty reside. Your e-mail will be your qualified submission.***

4. @ 5:00PM EST on Sunday, March 6th, 2016 we will remove the green/black/white $100.00 bill/image from our website, thus closing the contest.

5. The winner, the FIRST qualified**** submission we receive (e-mail timestamps of all submissions will be used to determine the winner) will be announced on Monday, March 7th, 2016. There can only be one winner.

6. Follow us on social media or visit our website frequently to learn of additional upcoming opportunities to win more cash.

Please read full official contest rules here, Official Contest Rules.

* Multiple e-mails/submissions do not guarantee a winner.
** We are only able to mail the $100 gift card to USA addresses only.
*** Your submission will also automatically subscribe you to our e-mail list. If you do NOT want to subscribe to our e-mail list, please type EXCLUDE in your submission.
**** Qualified submissions must include first name, last name, the URL where the green/black/white $100 bill/image was found, and the USA city and state where you currently reside.

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