Johns Hopkins Summer Internship Program

Johns Hopkins Summer Internship Program and Jobs
Johns Hopkins Summer Internship Program is open to students who are interested in careers in science, medicine and public health. Students must have completed one, two or more years of college before applying.

The internship program runs from May to August. It is a paid internship that also pays a stipend for living expenses. Students will work in a research lab environment and participate in a number of research initiatives in the areas of biomedical and public health. Students live in Johns Hopkins University campus housing with shuttle service provided from campus housing to the Johns Hopkins Medicine Institutions.

The internship program encourages students from all backgrounds. Minority students, students with disabilities, and economically challenged students are encouraged to apply. The program is very competitive and students should apply as soon as possible.

Johns Hopkins includes the Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The hospital was established in 1889 and the school of medicine opened in 1893. It is a world-renowned facility with an excellent reputation in biomedical research and teaching medical students, scientists and health care professionals.

The location is usually in MARYLAND.

To apply for an internship, visit:

To apply for a job, visit:

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