Gallaudet University Summer Internships

Gallaudet University Summer Internships and JobsGallaudet University Summer Internships offer summer positions for six deaf or hard-of-hearing undergraduate science majors attending Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. All positions remain open until they are filled.

Interns work for 10 weeks during the summer. Half of the interns will work on studies of the ecological health of the Anacostia River, a tributary that is part of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem at Gallaudet University. Other students will be assigned to molecular genetics, bioinformatics, and biological (physical) anthropology projects.

Interns will receive a stipend of $4500, and free housing in a campus dormitory. Genetics interns will study the molecular genetics of deafness. Students studying ecology will perform field sampling and lab testing and analyses of the Anacostia River. In addition to paid internships, students will also have opportunities to explore historical Washington, D.C., including the US Capitol, Library of Congress, Washington Monument, and Smithsonian Institution.

The internships are funded by NASA/DC Space Grant Consortium, the Mellon Foundation, and the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Student Fellowship.

The location is usually in DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.

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