Dow AgroSciences Student Internships

Dow AgroSciences Student Internships and Jobs
Dow AgroSciences Student Internships offer summer programs for college students who are pursuing a Bachelor's degree in agriculture science. Interested students must have completed at least their freshman year in college before applying.

Students can major in business, science, biology, and chemistry for summer internship positions at Dow AgroSciences division. Crop Protection and Seeds interns will work on field-based sales teams learning about products and problem solving. Pest Management interns will evaluate insect, weed and disease problems and recommend treatment plans for customers.

Science interns are research and development positions for students who have completed their junior year. They include both lab and field based positions where they will learn to develop new agriculture products. All interns receive competitive pay, and students who live more than 45 miles from Dow AgroSciences will receive housing and a housing allowance. Internships run from May until the end of August.

Dow Chemical Company was founded in 1897. In 1997, the company purchased the agricultural division of Eli Lilly to create Dow AgroSciences. Their business focuses on products and services to provide environmentally safe and sustainable agriculture solutions.

The location is usually in INDIANA.

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