The StoryCorps Internship Program

The StoryCorps Internship Program and Jobs
The StoryCorps Internship Program is for college students and recent college graduates who are not only interested in nonprofit, but who are also interested in being part of a creative team of professionals, dedicated to preserving the American voice. Current initiatives (such as the Military Voices Initiative, StoryCorp Historias, The Griot Initiative, September 11th Initiative, Memory Loss Initiative, and more) focus on ensuring the diversity of the American voice, so applicants with experience in working with these communities are encouraged to apply.

 There are two sessions: January through June (Winter/Spring); and June through December (Summer/Fall). There is no pay, however a $55 weekly stipend to cover lunch and transportation and college credit if your school allows it.

The StoryCorps Internship Program is dedicated to enhancing the intern experience. So interns can expect an orientation and sufficient training, regular assistance with professional development, and participation at departmental meetings.

To apply, simply download an application from their website and submit the application, along with your cover letter and resume via e-mail. The subject line should include your last name and the session for you which you are applying. Your attachments name should also reflect your name and the attachment type.

The location is usually in NEW YORK. 

To apply for an internship or a job, visit:

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