BP Internship Program

BP Internship Program and Jobs
BP Internship Program offers college students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their chosen field. BP recruits students for internships in engineering, science and business.

Internships take place during the summer but can also be available at other times during the year. Students must have completed at least one year of school and have a high academic record. In addition, BP looks for candidates who have strong leadership and communication skills and are self-motivated. Technician internships are also available for process, production, instrumentation, electrical, and mechanical technician students.

BP recruits for interns on college campuses throughout the country. Interviewing in an important step because students who are offered an internship are also most likely to be hired as full-time employees. U.S. internships are available in Alaska, California, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, and the state of Washington.

BP was founded in 1866 and is one of the world's largest refiners and producers of oil and gas, alternative energy and more. They operate under the names of BP, Amoco, ARCO, and Standard Oil.

The location VARIES.

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