Westinghouse Internships

Westinghouse Internships and Jobs
Westinghouse Internships are offered to college students across many disciplines. Opportunities are available in engineering, communications, supply chain, finance, and human resources.

Interns work during the summer on important projects and gain valuable work experience in addition to building professional and social networking opportunities. They will learn what it's like to work for a large corporation that is at the center of nuclear innovation and technology.

Students may speak with company representatives during campus recruiting events, or search and apply for jobs online. They may view the company web site for posted testimonials from previous company interns.

The Westinghouse Electric Corporation was founded in 1886 as Westinghouse Electric Company and later renamed Westinghouse Electric Corporation. The company pioneered long-distance power transmission and high-voltage alternating-current transmission. They are known for their use of technology for lighting.

Westinghouse Electric Company has since become a leading provider of nuclear plant products and services to utilities throughout the world, including fuel, service and maintenance, instrumentation and control, and advanced nuclear plant designs.


The location VARIES.

To apply for an internship, visit:

To apply for a job, visit:

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