Northrup Grumman Internships

Northrup Grumman Internships and Jobs
Northrup Grumman Internships are available to college sophomores, juniors and seniors as well as graduate students. Internships are offered in engineering as well as other disciplines.

This is an excellent internship for engineering students, as well as students studying accounting, finance, business or marketing. Internships are also available in aerospace research, computer science and software engineering, information security, nuclear science and chemistry. The company actively recruits students and new graduates to fill internship and full-time positions that meet the company's current and future business needs.

Internships are 8-12 weeks in duration and usually occur between May and September. There are also opportunities for interns to remain at the company all year round and work in a part-time internship. Internships present excellent learning opportunities for students across many disciplines and gives interns opportunities to network with leadership and other interns and enjoy social activities.

Northrop Grumman Corporation is a global aerospace and defense technology company founded in 1994 when Northrop purchased Grumman. The company is headquartered in West Falls Church, Virginia. In 2010, it was rated the fourth-largest defense contractor in the world.


The location is usually in VIRGINIA.

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