🍟 McDonald's 🍔 Corporation Internships

McDonald's Corporation Internships and Jobs
McDonald's Corporation offers paid internships for college students who are pursuing either an undergraduate or graduate degree. The internship program covers a wide variety of disciplines.

Internships are offered in the areas of business, marketing, communications, finance, information technology, real estate, supply chain, human resources and more. Interested students may have the opportunity to work at corporate headquarters, global corporate offices, or McDonald’s Center of Learning and Excellence, otherwise known as Hamburger University.

Imagine working at The McDonald's Golden Archives and media production suites where students can be a part of producing media spots and participating in auditions for actors in McDonald’s commercials.

Students in business and marketing have the opportunity to spend their internship at the McDonald's Center of Learning and Excellence that has 13 instructional rooms, a 300 seat auditorium, 12 interactive education team rooms, 25 language translation booths and three kitchen labs. Students will find the internships to be challenging, educational and rewarding.

McDonald's Corporation is a Fortune 500 company consisting of more than 14,000 restaurants that serve more than 26 million customers everyday in the United States. They are headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois.


The location is usually in ILLINOIS.

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