Marketing Internship - Chicago

Marketing Internship at Autopsy Center of Chicago
This is a unique marketing internship opportunity for a college student interested in working in Chicago, Illinois. The intern will work with Dr. Ben Margolis, Director of The Autopsy Center of Chicago, to develop an effective marketing program for his critically acclaimed event called Science to Humanity: The Autopsy.

The seminar is a slide show and discussion open to the public (age 18 and older) that offers insight into the medical as well as cultural aspects of autopsies. It also demonstrates how illness affects the body. The seminar delivers an informative and sensitive discussion of the autopsy procedure and working with families to bring closure.

Dr. Margolis has been presenting the seminar for many years. He is interested in bringing an intern on board who can market this unique program. It will be a challenging and rewarding opportunity for the right student.

Dr. Margolis received his undergraduate degree from Harvard and his medical degree from the University of Chicago. The Autopsy seminar is held at various dates at the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago.


The location is usually in ILLINOIS.

To apply for an internship, visit

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