Amnesty International Internships

Amnesty International Internships and Jobs
Amnesty International Internships give college students an opportunity to be involved in a grassroots movement that works to protect human rights and prevent injustice. Internships are volunteer work at the company's New York headquarters and other locations.

Students, women, minorities and others are encouraged to apply. Interns should be passionate about human rights issues, such as torture, refugees, and the death penalty. Students may apply for positions at any of the Amnesty offices in the U.S. or international. Interns are involved in a variety of activities such as media and social networking to promote actions that will improve human rights in a region.

It is helpful if students have a knowledge of the region or country and possess language skills important to communicate effectively in the region. They must have a knowledge of human rights issues and standards, have strong interpersonal skills, and be able to complete projects on time.

Amnesty International is an organization consisting of people dedicated to working towards the protection of human rights and humane treatment of all. They address key national issues such as poverty, violence against women, children's rights, freedom of speech and much more.


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