Department of Navy Science & Engineering Apprenticeship Programs (SEAP)

Science & Engineering Apprenticeship Programs (SEAP)
Science & Engineering Apprenticeship Programs (SEAP) give students in grades 9-12 an opportunity to work with a Department of Navy laboratory on research projects and also receive a stipend. Participating labs are located in many states throughout the U.S.

Internships last eight weeks during the summer at one of 20 Department of Navy labs. Over 200 students each year are chosen to participate in the internships. Eligible students must be at least 16 years old and have completed grade 9. Students must have an interest in science and engineering research.

Interns will work with scientists and engineers who will guide them throughout the internship. The purpose of the internship program is to encourage students to pursue careers in science and engineering and provide them with an enriched experience outside the school classroom.

The Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP) is offered by the American Society for Engineering Education located in Washington, D.C. The non-profit organization was founded in 1893 and is dedicated to furthering education in engineering and engineering technology.


The location VARIES.

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