Taiwan-America Student Conference (TASC)

Taiwan-America Student Conference (TASC)
Taiwan-America Student Conference (TASC) is a two and a half week long professional conference held in Taiwan and formally conducted in English. Fifteen top university students from Taiwan and fifteen from America will be chosen to participate in the conference.

The conference includes: 
1) Roundtable discussions throughout the conference designed to hone delegates’ understanding of a single contemporary issue (8 delegates total: 4 from each country).
2) Academic forums featuring international leaders such as Dr. Stanton, the former director of the American de-facto Embassy in Taiwan, and Anting Liu, the founder of Teach for Taiwan.

3) Professional networking events that will allow students to gain real-world experience in building a community of strong connections and mentors to help them professionally in their future.
4) Cultural/historical excursions tailored to immerse students in Taiwanese culture and allow them to enjoy the conference as one that focuses on fun learning.

The American Executive Committee of the first Taiwan-America Student Conference (TASC) is currently seeking American undergraduate and graduate students to represent the U.S. in this international student conference. Students of all disciplines and backgrounds are welcome to apply; no prior knowledge of the Chinese language is required. Students will be representing the U.S. perspective and DO NOT need to be Taiwanese or Asian. The conference will be held during the first two and a half weeks of August.

This year's location is in TAIWAN. 

To apply for an internship, visit: 

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