North Carolina State Government Internship Program

North Carolina State Government Internship Program
North Carolina State Government Internship Program offers paid internships to students who live in North Carolina and are attending a college, university, law school, community college or technical institute in North Carolina or out of state.

Students applying must have a grade point average of 2.5 or above, and must have completed their sophomore year of college. Students attending community or technical schools must have completed their first year. Internships last 10 weeks and require interns to work full-time at their positions. Internships are held during the summer each year.

Positions are available in many departments, including accounting, advertising, agribusiness, education, architecture, business, chemistry, engineering, environmental science, finance, forestry, human services, law, government, journalism, marketing, public relations, graphic design, web development, and much, much more.

Why not apply for an externship and internship?

To apply, eligible students must complete an application form and submit it along with transcripts of grades and a cover letter. Law students must also include samples of their legal writings. All materials must be mailed and cannot be emailed or faxed.


The location is usually in NORTH CAROLINA.

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