Nokia Internships

Nokia Internships
Nokia Internships offer current college students and graduates an opportunity to gain real experience in the field of technology. Students pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Management Information Systems, Computer Information Systems or other technology-related fields may apply.

Undergraduate students will be assigned meaningful projects, learn from professionals with years of experience, and meet other interns from all over the world. Graduate students can join Nokia’s Global Graduate development program to gain hands-on experience before starting their career. For one year, they will receive training and mentoring from Nokia's business leaders.

In addition to technical areas such as engineering and computer science, opportunities may be found in finance, marketing, human resources, communications, and more. Students who like a creative environment, enjoy working on teams, and like to make a difference would enjoy an internship at Nokia. The company recruits on campuses throughout the year, looking for talented students. Interested students may also search and apply online.

Why not apply for an externship and internship?

Nokia is a leading producer of innovative mobile products and services, including smart phones and accessories. They are headquartered in California with other locations throughout the world.

The location VARIES.

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