Environment America Intern

Environment America Intern
Environment America Intern program is an opportunity for college students concerned about the environment to help solve some of America's biggest environmental problems. Internships are offered in the winter, spring and summer.

Students across the country will be able to work directly on issues such as global warming and clean water. They will learn more about these issues and how to get others involved in solutions. Interns will work on media communications, influencing lobbyists, organizing events and much more.

This internship is for students who are passionate about solving environmental problems, particularly students who want to pursue careers in this important area. Students must be interested in working hard to gain public and government support for environmental issues.

Why not apply for an externship and internship?

The internship is sponsored by Environment America, a group of environmental organizations throughout the states that is supported through citizens. Their purpose is to promote awareness of environmental issues and propose solutions. Interns who complete the internship may join the organization's fellowship program following graduation. This two-year program can pave the wave for a career in environmental advocacy.

The location VARIES.

For more details, visit jobs.environmentamerica.org/page/amr/internships-make-difference

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