Earn Internship Bonus Points - 11 Tips on How to Make a Good Impression

Once you land your first internship, performance is critical. How well you perform will be scrutinized from the very first day. Performance includes everything from personal work ethic, following instructions, passion for the job, attitude toward others, and personal attributes like listening, communicating well with others, and being a team player. First impressions are lasting impressions, so be sure to follow these tips from the very first day and throughout your internship. It will not only make your internship a good experience but it will also establish good working relationships with your employer, co-workers and others that may be in a position to recommend you for a full-time job later. Below are 11 other bonus points you shouldn't forget:

  1. Be sure you have a good understanding from your mentor about what is expected from you. Your mentor more than likely had a vision and certain expectations when they hired you. Find out what they are and surpass them.
  2. Make a positive impression every day with everyone you come in contact with, regardless of who they are. You never know who is watching and what they can do for you., now or later.
  3. If allowed, arrive at least 15-30 minutes early every day. Use your extra time wisely and appropriately, like making a list of objectives and goals for the day, cleaning your work area, or replying to e-mails or voicemails from the previous day.
  4. Learn as much as you can while onsite. Make sure you let others know that you are here to learn.
  5. Stay busy. If you finish your day early or there is nothing to do, find something that needs to be done and offer to do it. Ask others if there is anything you can do to help them.

    Earn Internship Bonus Points - 11 Tips on how to make a good impression

  6. Take your time and do it right, pay attention to details, and double check your work.
  7. Attitude is everything. Stay positive, upbeat, and eager.
  8. If there is an employee manual, ask for it, read it, and live by it. Don't complain to others about the rules. There are reasons for rules; just follow them.
  9. Dress for success. On your first day, wear something similar to what you wore on your interview. If everyone else is dressed down or differently, let them them officially tell you to bring it down a notch. Otherwise, dress every day like you are going on an interview.
  10. Keep a notebook on what you are learning every day. Summarize it weekly, and at the end of your internship, use it to update your resume.
  11. Follow directions. This includes listening carefully to instructions. If you are unclear at anytime, ask questions.
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