Hattaway Communications Internships

Hattaway Communications Internships and Jobs
Hattaway Communications Internships is an ongoing intern program for undergraduate students interested in working in Washington, D.C. Internships are offered in administration, business development, research, design, marketing, communications and digital communications.

Candidates must be junior or senior undergraduate students enrolled full-time in a Bachelor's degree program at a four-year, accredited college or university. They must also have excellent communication and writing skills as well as good interpersonal and organizational skills. A positive and professional attitude is a must.

Applicants may apply online by completing and submitting an application along with a cover letter, resume and a short writing sample. Applicants must be available to work in downtown Washington, D.C.

Hattaway Communications is a strategic communications firm that works with leaders and major corporations around the world. Their client list includes foundations, government and political agencies, and non-profit organizations.


The location is usually in DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.

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