Traders4Traders FX Professionals (T4T) Internships

Traders4Traders FX Professionals (T4T) Internships and Jobs
Traders4Traders FX Professionals (T4T) Internships are offered to students who are enrolled in the Fund Manager program at Traders4Traders. It is a 12-month training program for people interested in the foreign exchange (forex) market trading profession.

The purpose of the internship is to prepare students for a career in foreign currency market trading. Only students who demonstrate outstanding results will be invited to join as full-time members of the trading team. Completion of the Prop Trader and Fund Manager programs are required before applying for the internship program. During the internship, students will have an opportunity to learn trading software, work at the live trading desk, and complete their National Futures Association Series 3 exam. They are mentored by senior traders.

The internship program allows the company to find and train new talent, inviting best performers to join the team full-time following the internship program. It also gives students an opportunity to learn the business and show how well they can perform in the market. It's their opportunity to shine and prepare for a successful career in currency trading.

Traders4Traders FX Professionals is a global investment firm specializing in foreign exchange markets. Their experienced team provides assistance to investors across different markets and training for new as well as experienced investors who want to improve their results. The company is located in Sydney, Australia, New York, with more trading offices planned for London and Hong Kong.

The location VARIES.

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