Warner Brothers Internships

Warner Brothers Internships are offered in the Summer, Fall and Spring for college students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program. Most internships take place at Warner Brothers studio lot in Burbank, California.

Students may read comments from other interns and students on Warner Brothers Facebook page. Here they may also access the Q&A to find out more information about how to qualify and where to apply. Students may also post a message on WB Facebook page and a team member will contact them. The Facebook connection also provides interested students links to information on career preparation, how to research companies, and how to develop important skills for success as an intern.

Students interested in an internship with Warner Brothers may major in any field such as finance & accounting, marketing, publicity, business administration, law, communications, animation, production/development, film, critical studies, web design and human resources. There is a growing need for interns to fill positions in digital/new media and gaming. Internships last 8 - 14 weeks. Interns work anywhere from 24 to 40 hours a week.

Why not apply for an externship and an internship?

Warner Brothers offers an exciting internship experience for students looking for a creative environment. Warner Brothers is a major movie production studio that offers professional opportunities for students who want a career in the entertainment industry.


The location is usually in CALIFORNIA.

For more details, visit www.facebook.com/WBInternships

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