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Casa de Esperanza Internship Program

Casa de Esperanza Internship Program is a one-year commitment for candidates who have a desire to help abused, neglected and HIV positive children. The internship program, Hands of Hope, is open to recent college graduates and other highly-qualified young adults throughout the U.S.

Candidates who qualify for an internship will live and work with children in agency foster homes. Applicants must be able to commit to one year for the internship. Internship responsibilities will include caring for children on a daily basis, including coordinating medical appointments and therapy sessions. Interns will work with caseworkers, psychological staff and community volunteers to deliver a high level of service to vulnerable children.

👩🏼‍⚕️ Merck 🌍 Internships

Merck Future Talent Program provides internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Areas include research & development, sales & marketing, information technology, human resources, communications, finance and legal.

Internships are held during June through August for a total of 9-11 weeks. Interns receive competitive pay; subsidized housing and transportation are also available for those who qualify. Merck interns receive meaningful work in a dynamic industry that impacts people's lives. It includes hands-on experience in a student's field of study plus interaction with other functional areas of the company.

The New York Times Summer Internship Program

The New York Times Summer Internship Program and Jobs
The New York Times Summer Internship Program is a 10-week program during the summer and is available to undergraduate and graduate college students who are majoring in journalism. There are a number of internships available, but some are restricted to juniors, seniors, or graduates. Minorities are encouraged to apply and you must be authorized to work in the United States.

Below are a few of the internships available:

The David E. Rosenbaum Reporting Internship in Washington is for seniors and graduates that have daily newspaper experience and focuses on reporting. Financial aid students who desire to eventually work in print journalism in Washington, DC are encouraged to apply.

IBM Internships

IBM Internships and Jobs
IBM Internships during the summer offer hundreds of opportunities for college students to work at one of the largest and most innovative companies in the world. Recruiting for internships is done on college campuses, but students can also find internship jobs on the company web site.

Undergraduate and graduate students may apply for paid internships at IBM. The internships fall into three categories. Extreme Blue internshipS are for MBA students with excellent technical skills. Speed Teams are project-based internships where students work together on projects that solve problems for specific functional or business areas. Internships are also available in the Corporate and Business Support Roles area. This area provides experience for both undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of finance, marketing, communications and human resources.

Google Internships

Google Internships are rated No. 1 by Forbes as the best internship opportunity for college students interested in a career in software engineering. Google offers an open culture and rich learning experience as well as good pay.

Internships are available to undergraduate and graduate students in the disciplines of computer science, math and physics. Many opportunities are located at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. However, other internships may also be found in Canada, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Coca-Cola Internships

Coca-Cola Internships are offered to both undergraduate and graduate college students in a wide area of study fields, such as finance, communications, logistics, business, human resources, environmental protection, and more.

Internship opportunities include summer internships that last for three months beginning in June, strategic interns created for specific areas following graduation, seasonal interns hired during the year, academic internships that offer credit for work experience, and co-op student internships which offer temporary assignments of four or five months during the school year.

Year Up Voted 2018 Internship of the Year

By Joyce Huber

Year Up is an organization whose mission is to provide urban young adults with the skills, experience, and support they need to empower them to reach their potential through higher education and professionalism. The organization created a unique Year Up internship program that so empowers minority and other urban students that the internship has been voted 2018 internship of the year by

Year Up is much more than an internship. It is a one-year, intensive training program that provides low-income young adults, ages 18-24, with a combination of hands-on skills development, coursework eligible for college credit, corporate internships, and wraparound support. is product of StormFox Productions LLC