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Late Night with Seth Meyers Summer Internship

Late Night with Seth Meyers Summer Internship is an exciting opportunity for college students to work in New York City during the summer for a major network TV company. Candidates must be pursuing an Associates, Bachelor, or graduate degree from an accredited institution.

Candidates need to have a GPA of 3.0 or above and be interested in entertainment production. This internship is for students who are able to thrive in a fast-paced environment, act independently, take initiative, and help the show. They must have a desire to learn more about entertainment production, be at least 18 years old, and be able to work in New York City for the summer.

Bio-Techne Internship Program

Bio-Techne Internship Program is open to junior level college students. All internships are paid. Internships are 11 weeks in duration, beginning in June and ending in August.

Internships are available in many areas, including marketing, human resources, bioprocess, biomedical, chemical and biochemical engineering, or cell biology-related disciplines. Applicants must major in a field related to the internship for which they are applying. They must also have a GPA of 3.0 or above.

5 New Year's Resolution for College Students

5 New Year's Resolution for College Students


To add to your already long list of goals for 2016, here are five New Year’s resolutions that will help you become a better student this year.

Remember, a new year means a new and improved you! *Eye roll*


Even though you may be perfectly capable of infrequently attending that huge lecture class and still passing the course, perhaps this New Year you should make an effort to attend class each week and to even arrive on time. The courses you are taking are expensive — get your money’s worth by showing up to learn.


OK, so you’ve managed to actually get out of bed and to attend class on time. Good job! However, it’s not enough to just show up to class — you have to show up prepared! This means bringing your textbooks to class, pulling out a notebook or laptop to take notes on and, most importantly, putting on your thinking helmets and coming to class eager to participate in intellectual conversation.

Read this article in its entirety at .

A.I. Foods Corporation Internship

A.I. Foods Corporation Internship is a paid work experience opportunity for college students; applicants must be at least a sophomore to apply. The internship is 3 months in duration and includes a stipend.

Applicants must have proficient computer skills and familiarity with Microsoft Office software. It is preferred they also have experience and skills with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The intern will be responsible for updating a company catalog of products. They will also assist in social media monitoring, posting, and uploading.

Sigma-Aldrich Summer Internships

Sigma-Aldrich Summer Internships are open to both undergraduate and graduate students. The internship is for students pursuing BS, MS or PhD degrees in a scientific discipline as well as other majors.

Internships are offered in research and development, strategy and development, marketing operations, information technology, and supply chain. Applicants must have excellent academic records and also have completed at least their first year of college.

The BD Summer Intern Program

The BD Summer Intern Program is open to undergraduate students as well and MBA and graduate students. Students learn by working on important, real-world projects which vary from year to year. Internships are full time during the summer and are 12 weeks in duration.

Internships can be found in the areas of business development, product development, marketing, research and development for MBA and graduate students. Undergraduate students will find internships in the areas of information technology, supply chain management, strategic sourcing, and research and development. Applicants must have completed their junior year of undergraduate school in order to apply.

Bayer Internships

Bayer Internships offer undergraduate and graduate students with career-related and real world work experiences. Internship assignments are available throughout the year with the heaviest during the summer months.

Bayer offers internship opportunities in health and environmental sciences, finance, accounting, human resources, agriculture, law, marketing, information technology, supply chain, sales, and more. Students will learn much by working on important projects

Thermo Fisher Scientific Internships

Thermo Fisher Scientific Internships are open to all students at all degree levels. Internships are offered in many disciplines.

Internships give students hands-on experience. All internships are project-based and give students the opportunity to solve real-time problems. Internships are available in engineering, finance, marketing and sales, research and development, software, information technology, supply chain, human resources, and more. Interns will meet senior leaders and network with other interns.

DuPont Pioneer Internships

DuPont Pioneer Internships offer college students the opportunity to develop their career potential and network with people around the world. This internship gives practical on-the-job experience to students interested in a career within the agribusiness industry.

Pioneer internships can be 3 month, 6 months or 9 months in duration. Internships are paid. Applicants must be currently enrolled in an accredited college or university. Many potential applications are majoring in Agronomy, Plant Physiology, Plant Pathology, Genetics or a field related to agriculture; however, internships are also available in the areas of communications, public relations, engineering, accounting, finance, information technology, marketing, supply chain, and more.

Covance Internships

Covance Internships are offered to college students who are pursuing degrees in the STEM fields. Eligible students are those who are majoring in science, engineering, technology or mathematics.

Internships are 12-week assignments. Internships are available in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, clinical research, lab services, human resources, information technology, marketing, and much more.

Genentech Internships

Genentech Internships are open to undergraduate and graduate students interested in careers within the biotechnology industry. Eligible students must have completed at least their sophomore year in college.

Internships are 9-12 weeks during the summer. All internships are paid positions. Some interns may also qualify for relocation assistance. Interns who successfully complete their assignment may be eligible for an offer of full-time employment following graduation.

F. Hoffman-LaRoche Internships

F. Hoffman-LaRoche Internships offer full-time summer internships and part-time internships throughout the year to students who are currently attending college. Applicants must be enrolled full-time in a four-year, accredited college or university.

Internships are available in areas that include pharmacy, market analysis, product strategy, information technology, biotechnology and much more. Interns will receive exposure to the pharmaceutical industry and work closely with experienced professionals and other interns while increasing their skill levels.

Monell Center Science Apprenticeship Program

Monell Center Science Apprenticeship Program offers paid internships to high school and undergraduate college students in the Philadelphia area. The internship is designed to increase student knowledge about science and research.

The 7-week internship is offered during the summer and runs from June to August. Interns work full-time at 35 hours per week, with pay. Housing and meals are not included, but all students living outside commuting distance will be connected to a host family and will have a safe place to stay during the internship.

The 40 Weirdest College Internships


By ZEN College Life

There are tons of amazing internships offered every year by not-so-well-known companies that are not all about answering phones and filing papers. If you want a bit more excitement in your life (or a bit more pay), take a look at 40 of the best internships out there that many people don’t know about.

Royal Caribbean Cruises, #25, is our top pick. Why not get paid to cruise the world?!? #bestsummerever

Alpha Genesis Internship Programs

Alpha Genesis Internship Programs are open to college students pursuing degrees in the biological sciences and veterinary medicine. Internships are offered during the summer months.

Two programs are available. The Pre-Baccalaureate Summer Training Program is for undergraduates in the biological sciences who plan to pursue a career in research. This internship program gives students the opportunity to work side-by-side with AGI scientists and offers many opportunities in scientific research.

The AbbVie Summer Internship Program

The AbbVie Summer Internship Program is open to college students who have completed at least one year of school. Internships are available across biopharmaceutical as well as many other areas of focus.

Students who have a minimum GPA of 3.0 will find internships in their area of interest, including science, engineering, finance, marketing, information technology, business, supply chain and more. In any field, interns will be working with some of the most respected experts in the industry.

Allergan Internships

Allergan Internships offer college students an opportunity to gain real work experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Full-time and part-time internships are available.

Full-time internships are offered during the summer break from May to August. Part-time internships are available throughout the academic year. Eligible students can major in business, science, manufacturing and other areas.

Biogen Internships

Biogen Internships are available to students who are pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, M.B.A., or Ph.D. and desiring a career within the biotechnology industry. Internships are paid and available in both life science and non-science areas.

Summer internships begin in May/June and last 12 weeks. Internships are offered in Drug Discovery and Clinical Development, as well as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Engineering, Information Technology, and Manufacturing Sciences.

Beckman Coulter Summer Intern Program

Beckman Coulter Summer Intern Program offers an enriching work experience for college students during the summer break. Paid internship opportunities vary by department and location and include a wide array of functions including disciplines of engineering to various business functions.

Internship assignments are full-time opportunities from May/June to August/September. Some interns may continue to work during the school year on a part-time basis. Interns will receive a competitive salary and the opportunity to develop professionally. They will gain experience working on projects, and will receive guidance from managers and mentors.

United States Postal Service Summer Intern Program

United States Postal Service Summer Intern Program is open to college students who are in their junior or senior year of college. Students may gain valuable experience across many areas aligned with USPS business needs.

The internship program is 10 weeks during the summer. Opportunities are available in communications, customer service, engineering, accounting and finance, human resources, information technology, marketing, transportation, and more.

Consumer Technology Association's (CTA) Internship Program

Consumer Technology Association's (CTA) Internship Program
Consumer Technology Association's (CTA) Internship Program offers professional work experience to college students across a wide variety of disciplines. They will work with other interns as well as professionals at all levels on challenging projects and participate in community service projects.

Applicants must have excellent organizational and communication skills as well as the ability to work individually and on teams. In addition to professional training, inters will enjoy benefits such as access to a 24 hour fitness studio, yoga and boot camp classes, flexible work arrangements, summer hours, participation in CTA's Summer Picnic and Holiday party and much more.

W.R.Grace & Company Internships

W.R.Grace & Company Internships
W.R.Grace & Company Internships give college students an opportunity to test their classroom skills in a paid summer internship position. Internships are offered across many functional areas.

Internships can be found in the areas of marketing, finance, communications, Human Resources, IT, operations, engineering, and others. Interns learn by working directly with full-time professionals on important projects and tasks. is product of StormFox Productions LLC