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USDA Internship Program

USDA Internship Program and Jobs
USDA Internship Program provides paid work experience for high school students as well as college students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree. Eligible students must be at least 16 years old and in good academic standing.

The program is called Pathways because it gives students a path to explore career opportunities within federal agencies. Internships are offered during the summer, fall, spring or year round. Eligible students include high school students, and students enrolled in an accredited college or university, which can include community colleges and educational programs that lead to certificates.

Interns may work full-time or part-time. Many internship positions are available that match student academic career goals or field of study. In addition to work experience, students may be eligible for a permanent job in the civil service after they complete the program. Pathway opportunities for students and recent graduates are available in the fields of agricultural, science, technology, math, environmental, management, business and many others.

The USDA Internship Program is designed to give students a taste of working for a federal agency and a chance to pursue career options within the field of agriculture. Every year, the USDA hires thousands of students throughout the nation to work as interns within their agencies and administrative offices.


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